Esther Hersh

Esther Hersh - Comedy Bio

esther hersh Second place winner in “The Funniest Comic in L.A.” comedy competition, Esther Hersh knows how to deliver the funny.

Known as the “Sassy Senior,” Bronx native, Esther Hersh delivers a solid, laugh-filled comedy act. When it comes to her age, she’ll tell you, “I don’t care about age…so I won’t tell you mine!”

She has appeared at The Ice House, The Comedy Store, The “Improv,” The Laugh Factory and every other comedy club in L.A. that starts with the word, “The!”

Esther has also won or placed in several other comedy competitions in the past couple of years, with more to come!

Ms. Hersh earned her B.A. in broadcasting at San Francisco State University and is proud to have been married for 30 years—and divorced for 13.